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About the Imagination Lab Foundation Award

The Imagination Lab Foundation Award for Innovative Scholarship was established in late 2006 to honour innovative scholarly activity rather than specific achievements, like a paper. The award was established as a long-term collaboration between Swiss-based Imagination Lab Foundation and EURAM, both established in 2000. It is the first award hosted by EURAM and 2007 was the first time it is presented.

The 2010 selection committee will include Joep Cornelissen, Leeds University Business School, Henk Volberda, Rotterdam School of Management, Matt Statler, NYU Stern School of Business. Luisa Jaffé, EURAM, has served as the committee’s secretary.

To submit, please go to, section iLab Award.

This Award recognizes contributions that fall within the purposes of both Imagination Lab and EURAM. The former is to support scholarship that complements traditional management and organization theories with ideas grounded in the art and sciences, especially those of imagination and play, and the latter is to promote multidisciplinary theoretical perspectives and methodological pluralism as well as critical examinations of the historical and philosophical roots of management theory and praxis. The shared space that connects these purposes deserves more attention as well as encouragement and the Award serves that purpose.

The Award considers two dimensions. The first dimension of the Award is “scholarship.” This is about the extent to which the academic activity crosses boundaries in terms of theories, the extent to which it involves interaction between theory and practice, the extent to which expresses humility, and to the extent to which it demonstrates a willingness to communicate ideas to different communities.

The second dimension is "innovativeness.” This includes the extent to which the academic activity exploits existing thinking and/or practice in new ways, explores new possibilities in thinking and/or practice, the extent to which it has already, or aspires to improve current thinking and/or practice, and the extent to which it challenges current thinking and/or practice.

Many strive to be both scholarly and innovative, but only few succeed. To be both highly scholarly and very innovative in the shared space between the EURAM and Imagination Lab purposes is a real achievement.