EURAM is an association
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EURAM Membership


EURAM is an association for anyone with a professional interest in the field of management. Whether you teach or do research in management, or if you practice management and are interested in reflecting on your profession, EURAM is the association for you:

  • EURAM members are part of a global network of people involved in management research and teaching.
  • EURAM members can attend the EURAM Annual Conference that is held in a different European country every year, at a special member rate.
  • EURAM members automatically receive the 4 yearly issues of the European Management Review, the official Journal of EURAM. This Europe-based premier research journal is dedicated to advancing the understanding of management in organisations through investigation and theoretical analysis. The Editors are Alfonso Gambardella and Maurizio Zollo from Bocconi University.
  • EURAM members receive an electonic copy of the monthly EURAM Newsletter.
  • EURAM members can attend the programme "Creating Research Leadership in Europe" at a special member rate.
  • EURAM members can become a member of two Special Interest Groups.

The membership fee for 2011 is set at 100 €. Click on join online to register for membership (*). PhD students can apply for a reduction of the membership fee by providing proof of their status. The membership fee for PhD Students is set at 80 €.

For more information or assistance, you can contact the EURAM Secretariat:

Luisa Jaffé
EURAM Administrative Coordinator

(*) If you do not attend the EURAM Annual Conference (or if you let a year lapse between conferences), your membership can nonetheless be maintained by completing and submitting the Membership Application Form and paying the Membership Fee for that year directly to the EURAM Secretariat.