EURAM is an association
managed by EIASM


The European Academy of Management (EURAM) is a professional community of engaged management scholars and reflective practitioners - open, inclusive, international and cross-cultural.

EURAM places a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary theoretical perspectives and methodological pluralism, and promotes critical examinations of the historical and philosophical roots of management theory and praxis. 

EURAM aims to enhance the quality of research, improve its relevance for responsible and effective practice and contribute to the social and political discourse on management.

goals are:

  1. To facilitate the continued evolution of an open, inclusive, international and cross-cultural EURAM community of engaged scholars;
  2. To support scholars in designing, producing and disseminating higher quality and impactful research at each stage of their career;
  3. To influence the development of management education;
  4. To provide platforms and facilitate networks for the dialogue between scholars, reflective practitioners and policy makers;


 EURAM uses the following means to meet its objectives:



To become a member or to receive more information, please contact the EURAM Secretariat.