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About the 2009 Award & Winner

Imagination Lab Foundation Award for Innovative Scholarship

Award Winner:

Mark de Rond, Judge Business School, Cambridge University
Awarded for the imaginative research into organizational settings outside of the mainstream of organizational theory, your ability to weave philosophical and literary strands into your scholarship, and your achievements in bringing management research to a wide, popular readership. 

Mark's first reaction as he receives the iLab Award:
"I really like the idea behind the award - to encourage novelty but never at the expense of scholarship."


About Mark's Work
"I study people by living with them under the same conditions - trying to understand how and why their world makes sense (to them). My work, random though it seems at times, appears to converge on four areas:
(1) The experience of being human in high-performance environments;
(2) the human imagination of human importance in strategy;
(3) the possibility AND scope of strategic choice; and
(4) the causal explanations we give of why things are as they are and not otherwise
in a world of (mostly) unique events.