EURAM is an association
managed by EIASM

Developing Research Mgrs


It is important for business schools to contribute to the creation of knowledge. However, each institution is faced with challenges to develop an appropriate research strategy and to implement that strategy. In order to strengthen their members’ capability to develop high quality research, EFMD and EURAM have joined efforts to offer this professional development programme.

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  • To prepare individuals in European business and management schools to step into significant research management roles through exposure to a wide range of strategic and operational concerns. Particular emphasis will be placed on preparing individuals for the role of “Research Director”.
  • To help build a community of research leaders in European business and management schools.


Recently appointed Research Directors or those who aspire to hold the position of Research Director


Research Context and Strategy

  1. Research Identity (approaches to research in European Business and Management; types of school on the European stage; the future of business schools in Europe; impact on research strategy; research quality problematised) 
  2. Differing Contexts (research in the ancient, old and new; international influences; small and large schools; experienced and mature organisations and new starters)
  3. Environmental Influences (national public and private funders; the European Union; international doctoral standards <PhD and DBA>; policy influences through research assessment, role of pan European Institutes-EFMD, EGOS, EURAM, EIASM)

Operational Performance

  1. Performance and Faculty (faculty development and talent management; performance measurement and management; dealing with difficult issues in assessing performance; role/relationship between Dean and Research Director; managing toward exceptional performance)
  2. Shaping and Organising (developing requisite research structures; shaping for academic excellence and managerial relevance; organising doctoral programmes; research artefacts and culture; managing international, inter-institutional and large projects)
  3. How will I make a Difference? – leading research in my school (Creating a personal synthesis; defining a place to start; “eating the elephant a spoonful at the time”; measuring progress; personal survival and support structures; contributing to the “big picture” of where we are headed in business and management research)  


  • 20-21 October 2011
  • 1516 December 2011
  • 8-9 February 2012 + 10 February 2012 (Alumni Day)


Early Bird Fee - Until 1 September 2011

  • 3200 euros EFMD & EURAM Members
  • 3700 euros non-members

Regular Fee - after 1 September 2011

  • 3700 euros EFMD & EURAM Members
  • 4200 euro non-members 

All modules will be held at the EFMD premises in Brussels, Belgium. To register, please downloald the  registration form.

The registration fee covers all three modules. It is not possible to register for a single module. Moreover, attendance at all three modules is mandatory.

For more information, please contact either:

Luisa Jaffé, Administrative Coordinator, EURAM (European Academy of Management)


Robin Hartley, Manager, Network Services, EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)



The European Association of Research Directors is a forum for Euorpean Research Directors, linked to the Research Leadership Programme of EURAM and EFMD. It aims to provide help and support to existing and potential research directors of European business and management schools through:

  • an annual gathering, the provision of events hosted by these Schools
  • a track/meeting place at the EURAM annual conference and by a dynamic linked, digital conversation

The Association was founded in 2010 by the inugural members of the EURAM/EFMD Research Leadership programme. At the end of each cycle of  the programme, graduates will be welcomed into the community directly.

Indirect membership is anticipated and welcomed.

A meeting for Directors of Research was organised at the EURAM Annual Conference Tallinn, 3 June 2011. A workshop will take place at the Reims Management School, 7-8 October 2011.
For more information about the event, click here.